Buy A Puppy

Buy a puppy

If you want to buy a puppy from us, contact us for more information or to book a place on the booking list.

To book you on the list, SEK 1,000 is paid in booking fees, which are then deducted from the purchase price.

Booking fee / down payment is not refundable if you regret it.

You will be updated with information about parents and about the litter, as soon as we have a puppy for you according to your wishes.

If you are not interested in the current litter, or feel that it is not the right puppy for your family, the booking fee remains for the next litter.

In the end, you will find the puppy that is right for you when it suits you best:).

Due to the current Corona situation, we are no longer able to receive visits as we did before. As soon as the risk is gone, we will start our open house days again. But until then, we hope you are tolerant of the situation.

When the puppies are around 6 weeks, you are welcome to visit your future puppy. With reservation around Covid-19.

Before the puppy is 7 weeks old, you have the opportunity to choose the name of your puppy.After that, the delivery is at 8 weeks of age and then the final payment for the puppy is also paid.

To book yourself on the list, fill in our form where you can also tick off any wishes of your future family member.

You then pay the booking fee most easily via Swish to no: 123 600 04 42.

When the booking fee is registered, you will receive your place in the booking list and a confirmation of this.

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Some of our lovely customers. 

When you buy a Bestcoast puppy, you will get;

  • A special puppy that suit your family.
  • An American Labradoodle not Cobberdog (Australian Labradoodle), Bernedoodle or Shoodle.
  • Of course there is no demands that you have to sterilize the puppy if you don´t want to.
  • The puppy will be registered in the Departement Of Agriculture/ Jordbruksverket.
  • The puppy will be id-marked with microchip, vaccinated, dewormed every second week and get a healthcheck within 7 days before you come and collect him/ her. The puppy also get vaccination against Rabies and a EU passport if that´s needed.
  • The price includes a startkit with everything you need the first time for the puppy.
  • The price does also include 3 years Insurance for hidden faults.
  • You will get a lifetime support and help to train your puppy.
  • The Labradoodle puppy will have a pedigree.
  • The parents are healthchecked.
  • We will be here whenever you need us!

Prices for our puppies;


Standard: 40,000 SEK incl VAT (not merle colored and red)

Medium and Mini: SEK 40,000 incl. VAT (not merle colored and red)

Merle-colored puppies: 45,000 SEK incl. VAT. 

Red-colored puppies: 45,000 SEK including VAT.


Standard: SEK 40,000 including VAT (not merle-colored and tri-colored)

Mini and Tiny: SEK 40,000 incl. VAT (not merle-colored and tricolor)

Merle-colored puppies; SEK 45,000 including VAT.

Tricolor; SEK 50,000 including VAT.

Shoodle All colors cost SEK 25,000 including VAT.

We also offer everyday trained puppies or that puppies stay a little longer by agreement for a fee. +46 (0) 729-68 57 94