Said about us

What do our customers say about us and our dogs?

He is calm 70% of the time, andhave a lot of energy rest of the time-which is wonderful💕. He is, as I said before, with me all day long och meets a lot of new people every day- and he loves it! He is totally relaxed and love to sleep on everyones feets under the meetings. He feels like home with my colleagues and with our family-such a lovely dog❤️❤️❤️ The whole family loves him (including relatives/friends and our daughters boyfriend adore him). Thank you Best Coast Kennel for this opportunit💕

//Familjen Bennet

Just wanted to say that it has gone so well with our Elsa. She almost slept the whole way home and is so calm and confident in herself. But she is also mischievous😍. We are so greatful for this dog and wanted to say a huge thank you for all the great information and material, we are very pleased!

//Kristin med familj 

just wanted to tell you that it gone very well with our little dog. He sleeps thru the nights and he do most of his needs outside. Right now, he sleeps beside me on a café when I do some work. He is incredibly confident in himself and is a very charming dog. Thank you! 

// Jenny


Here come some greetings from Charlie🐶 He is now 10 weeks old🤎. Our funny and social little boy who loves to play. His fur is so thick and cuddly. It will be alot of cuddles with our little🧸. It is fun to go for a walk outside, but we have to train him more with dog-lead😂 . The nights works very well and he sleeps in his own bed😍. Charlie is a star on summons, sit down and fine paw🐾👏🏻 . 

We are so happy that we got him and that he loves his new home🥰. 

//Elin Peter Lily Lucas och Loui 

Here comes some greetings from us and Billie, which is a very lovely girl, that has good character, and we love her so much! You will most likely get many interest applications from Stockholm, since there are many people that has stopped us for asking what breeding Billie is.

Everything is great, as we told earlier in the text!


The 19th of november, our wonderful Båtsman will be 11 months. We love him so much! He is a strong boy that is mischievous sometimes, we are so happy for our Shoodle🙏🏻🥰 .

//Git och Kalle 

It has almost been a week since we have got to known Izzie. She is wonderful och suits our family perfectly. She is confident, calm, a little bit crazy, and so cuddly- Just as we wanted our dog to be😃. She has been home alone  for a few short moments, sleeps in the kitchen for the nights. She also has been on the beach and in our friends home, and she is so confident in herself and is always happy. We are incredibly thankful for this dog🤩. We also had signed up for a puppy course in october. Thank you Bestcoast for this lovely dog!

//Fam Bergkvist

Here comes greetings from a wonderful Alice that is growing fast🥰😅. 

Today she got her 12-weeks vaccination including rabies and her own little passport! Last weekend we got on a primiere tour with our sailboat Greta, and we went to "Stora Dyrön". It went fantastic! We are so happy for the most wonderful dog that we ever could dreamed of❤️🐶❤️. 

//Agneta, Anders, Nils, Elsa, Carl och Alice

Our little prince is now 4 months old! We are so happy that we got him into our family! Everything is going well, a lot of job but it brings us very much joy as well! We have started in a course for dogs and we all think it is so fun! And Morris is super good at it!

//Paula & familj