About us

We who works on Bloom´s Entreprenad AB and run Bestcoast´s Kennel

Yvonne Bloom, 44 years old

· Trained Care Educator in Neuropsychiatry

· Leadership training for care managers

· Leadership in public activities

· Leadership & Strategic Thinking

· Nursing education, Nurse

· Trained dog instructor, own dog school (Tjörns Hundskola) since 2001

· 26 years as a breeder

· Active contestant in exhibition and obedience (1994-2009)

· CEO Blooms Entreprenad AB, Bestcoast ́s Kennel

About me:

I, Yvonne Bloom, have had a dog all my life. Got my first dog when I was 5 years old, which was a red long-haired Rabbit Tax. Since then, I have been active in training and competing with dogs for many years. Focused on exhibition and competition obedience with great success. The dream of dog breeding came as a child when we tried to get puppies on my little dachshund which unfortunately failed.

By the time I was 16, I had saved up for my first self-bought dog, a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. She was the foundation of my kennel from the very beginning and took puppies on her. Since then, we have bred several breeds including Shiba, Am Akita and Rottweiler. What caused us to stop breeding these breeds were all racially-linked diseases. I realized after many years that it didn’t matter if we imported dogs with brand new lines. Basically, it is the same and each breed needs a new gene from time to time to stay healthy.

Today, we know better about breeding and healthiness both mentally and physically how good it is to bring in new genes from time to time. Therefore, we do backcross from time to time where one of the original breeds is brought back to produce specific characteristics, but above all to broaden the breeding base so that the breeds remain healthy.

Through my 26 years as a breeder, we have both imported and exported to many countries including Norway, Denmark, Finland, usa, Japan, Czech Republic, Germany, Spain, Uk, Hungary and France.

Trained as an instructor, started Tjörns Hundskola in 2001 and has run the dog school ever since. There we have everything from puppy and everyday obedience to competition obedience, activity courses, tracks and other utility branches as well as help for so-called problem dogs.

For a period, both I and the children lived out in the exhibition rings on weekends. Both my children who are today 21 and 23 years old are bred with our dogs and are today involved in the kennel. (See below)

The dog in my work:

Is a trained Care Educator in Neuropsychiatry and has run his own dog business within Daily Operations at Orust together with two other colleagues. See Hundvägen to work | GP an article from Göteborgs-Posten.

I have worked as Head of Unit in both Elderly Care and Disability. Has also been responsible for camp activities for children and adolescents in Neuropsychiatry and within SOL. It’s amazing to see how a dog can help all people with different disabilities, from the tactile to being able to train or care for a dog. It inspires so much hope and confidence as well as pure happiness.

Since 2011 I have worked part-time with the breeding of Labradoodle, since 2020 I work full time with our company. In which case I devote all my time to the dog school and our breeding of Labradoodle, Bernedoodle and Shoodle.

Competition record:

A brief summary of the highlights of my active years as a contestant

LP 1 LP 2 Gårdvarens II Ace

My first racing dog in obedience was a Hovawart guy named Bamse. He was ready to start at 9 months of age, which is the minimum age you can enter a competition. Then he won many obedience contests up to Class 3. After that, he couldn’t physically cope anymore.

LP NO UCH NO V-05 NORD JV-03 SE UCH Ruthdales Hercules in Marsh

The next competitive friend was our first import Hercules from the UK which I also exhibited a lot. Hercules was of the American Akita race and his first win made him the Nordic Junior Winner in 2003 and was thus selected for the world famous exhibition Crufts in the UK. What also made him unique in addition to all his champion titles was that he was awarded the obedience title LP 1 which is very unusual for the breed.


Another very fine racing dog was our Lady, of the breed Boerboel. Imports from Denmark.

She started at 10 months of age in class 1 with a win and 1st prize as a result with 188p. When she was 12 months old, she won obedience class 2 with her 182.5p (19 degrees below zero outside).

LP 1 Tapto’s Aqela

Then I raced up an absolutely wonderful Rottweilertik called Aqela. Aqela came from a divorce home and was a troubled teenager. But after 4 months of training she started class 1 with 193.5p (max 200p), Aqela then won the Obedience Sm for Rottweiler (class 1) the week after that and took her LP 1 the following week.

Sean Bloom, 24 years old

· Graduated in Engineering, Industrial Economics

· Finance/Administration Manager, Blooms Entreprenad AB

· CEO Walther & Bloom AB

About me:

Grew up with our dogs and has been on the racetracks since the age of 1 1/2 years. Started early as a handler and coach. Has a number of qualifications in obedience and exhibition.

Today I am a Graduate Engineer in Industrial Economics, where I am responsible for the economy, administration and maintenance projects for Blooms Entreprenad AB. Also runs a start-up company Walther & Bloom AB.

Nathalie Bloom, 22 years old

· Educating me as a Logistics Engineer, Industrial Economics

I, as well, grew up with our dogs and have been on the racetracks since I was born. Always trained dogs and engaged me in the period of socialization of puppies. Since the puppy’s first weeks with us have a major impact on the dog’s continued mental development.

Also works part-time at Bescoast ́s Kennel, in administration and puppies’ socialization training.

Nicklas Eriksson, 40 years old

· Trained Welder

Works part-time with the construction and maintenance projects for Blooms Entreprenad AB. Also has a part-time service for the socialization of our dogs.

Part-time employees for the socialization of our dogs

In addition to the above-mentioned employees, we have three more people who only work with our dogs. The work includes the socialization of puppies as well as adult dogs, training, animal husbandry and various types of dog activities.

Cooperation with two other families

We are three families working together under Bestcoast ́s kennel, fam Bloom, fam Walther and fam Eriksson. The distribution takes place via Bestcoast ́s kennel.

Feed hosts

Most of our dogs live out with feed hosts to give them even more chance of training and being wonderful family and training dogs. We carefully select our feed hosts, who take internal courses with us to be safe so that the dogs are placed to the right families.


Bestcoast ́s kennel is of course approved by the County Administrative Board of Västra Götaland, which is a formality that all kennels (>2 hills) have. In order to obtain the permit, an application must first be submitted, which is then followed up by an animal welfare officer visiting the kennel to check the animal husbandry.

On site you go through care routines, as well as an overview of the boxes, yard, ventilation, fire protection, other animal enclosures and other things that are relevant to dog keeping. The check was conducted in the U.A., as the report clarifies. Read more on their website; Permit for dog-web activities.pdf (lansstyrelsen.se). To gain a more understanding of the extensive work we constantly do for the well-being of our dogs.