What do our customers say about us and our dogs?

Hello again!

Everything is going great over here! She seems to have made herself at home already😍 She slept the whole night without peeing and only rubbed for a few seconds at the beginning, she has both peed and pooped several times. She didn't want to eat yesterday so we took the food away and today she has thrown herself over it😅She's very playful today😁 We are so happy for this puppy♥️🙏

A little greeting from our adorable little charm troll Rufus🐶 He is so talented, calm and safe both outside and inside and has charmed both friends and neighbors. He loves to lie on the sofa and cuddle with us and to be out on many small walks. In a few days we will go up to Ellös, then there will be new impressions and more neighbors to charm.

Thank you for giving us the best dog in the world!

Hugs from Lena ,Anders and Rufus

He is calm 70% of the time, andhave a lot of energy rest of the time-which is wonderful💕. He is, as I said before, with me all day long och meets a lot of new people every day- and he loves it! He is totally relaxed and love to sleep on everyones feets under the meetings. He feels like home with my colleagues and with our family-such a lovely dog❤️❤️❤️ The whole family loves him (including relatives/friends and our daughters boyfriend adore him). Thank you Best Coast Kennel for this opportunit💕

//Familjen Bennet

Just wanted to say that it has gone so well with our Elsa. She almost slept the whole way home and is so calm and confident in herself. But she is also mischievous😍. We are so greatful for this dog and wanted to say a huge thank you for all the great information and material, we are very pleased!

//Kristin med familj 

just wanted to tell you that it gone very well with our little dog. He sleeps thru the nights and he do most of his needs outside. Right now, he sleeps beside me on a café when I do some work. He is incredibly confident in himself and is a very charming dog. Thank you! 

// Jenny


Hi Yvonne!

Sky behaves so well, she slept from 10:30PM-6:45AM. She loves kids. In the moring, we usually take a walk past a school and she loves to look at the kids who play around. She is lovely with my grand children. Everything is so far so good. I am so happy that I have such a lovely dog! Wish you a nice day!

//Marie & Sky


Hi Yvonne! 

Hope you doing great. Alfons have now lived with us for about a month and he is continued very tough and sweet at the same time. He was the other day allowed to get with us to our cottage in the woods, which was a success. He thought that it was so much fun to run around there.

He lies contentedly in his warm blanket while I drive the chainsaw a few meters away. 

What a star he is! 

Big hug! 


Hey there!

Now we have had Frans with us for 2 weeks and he is such a nice and compliant guy 🥰 Full speed ahead with the children but calm and quiet when we sit and work. He is very good at summoning and simple command, he seems to like to train. But the most fun is hiding with the children in the forest🤩.

 // Charlotte


Just wanted to say thank you! For the world's finest and cuddliest dog! 😍

She has a lot of fun with her bestie who is my parents' dog who is about 1 month older than her 😍😂

Hope you are doing well! 😊🌸


Hi Yvonne!

Here comes a small update. Today he was great at social training, went to the big city but down by the Älvsborg bridge, had several dog meetings (got a LOT of praise), discovered the sea and walked super well on a leash. We felt like celebrities because everyone was looking at him and the only thing we heard was everyone saying how cute he was, the cutest dog they had ever seen 💖🐶

Hi Yvonne!

Just wanted to wish you and your family a really happy Easter!🐣

Lexi is a gentle girl who gives us an incredible amount of joy and companionship.Thank you for all the support and help and good advice during these two years.I am so grateful that we bought a dog from you!!


Here come some greetings from Charlie🐶 He is now 10 weeks old🤎. Our funny and social little boy who loves to play. His fur is so thick and cuddly. It will be alot of cuddles with our little🧸. It is fun to go for a walk outside, but we have to train him more with dog-lead😂 . The nights works very well and he sleeps in his own bed😍. Charlie is a star on summons, sit down and fine paw🐾👏🏻 . 

We are so happy that we got him and that he loves his new home🥰. 

//Elin Peter Lily Lucas och Loui 

Here comes some greetings from us and Billie, which is a very lovely girl, that has good character, and we love her so much! You will most likely get many interest applications from Stockholm, since there are many people that has stopped us for asking what breeding Billie is.

Everything is great, as we told earlier in the text!


The 19th of november, our wonderful Båtsman will be 11 months. We love him so much! He is a strong boy that is mischievous sometimes, we are so happy for our Shoodle🙏🏻🥰 .

//Git och Kalle 

Hi Yvonne

Wish you a continued beautiful Christmast❤️

I hope you and your family are doing well! 

We are doing great and Lexi turned 1 year the other day! 

She is such an amazing dog that gives us so much love, joy and happiness! 

We are so greatful for her❤️

We once again want to thank you for your amazing support this year!

❤️Send you lots of hugs❤️

Now we have had Berta 🥰 for a week and are completely in love with her already. She is absolutely perfect and very mischievous - loves to bite her hands and feet, but that is normal for a puppy. She weighed only 5kg, so it will be exciting to see how big and tall she will be.

We got great information and reception from Sean!

//Åsa & Magdalena 🌼


The trip home went great for Nemo on Wednesday. He slept all the way from Stenungsund to Jönköping 😀 and we got great help from Sean. Everything is going well and Nemo is happy. He is so good and sleeps in his paddock at night and poops outdoors. Thanks!

//Hasse & Majja

Tage plays with his besties, sniffs and discovers lots of new fun every day! He is very easy to learn, safe and social and he loves both other dogs, children and people.

We are currently attending a dog course and Tage thinks it is so much fun to learn new things, even if he is more focused on the treats than the tasks😂

Surprisingly, he also likes to be combed and groomed - as long as he gets a bone to snack on. Good thing then, because fur care is so cozy!

Hugs from us in Gothenburg!


Hi Yvonne!

Today we took our first forest trip with Winston and he behaved exemplary. He is so calm and nice (but has his tantrums😅) sleeps all night by himself downstairs without whimpering. A few accidents inside but he is very clear when it is time. He have been alone a little and practiced different social situations. We are in totally in love with him💖

Hugs from Winston's family


We are doing great and beautiful Harry, loves to run wild on the Flat Island. We are so happy for our nice dog, charms everyone we meet! ♥️

Thank you for our beautiful, wise, cozy and dear dog!

Hugs from us, Johan, Katarina & Harry. 🙏🏼💛

It has almost been a week since we have got to known Izzie. She is wonderful och suits our family perfectly. She is confident, calm, a little bit crazy, and so cuddly- Just as we wanted our dog to be😃. She has been home alone  for a few short moments, sleeps in the kitchen for the nights. She also has been on the beach and in our friends home, and she is so confident in herself and is always happy. We are incredibly thankful for this dog🤩. We also had signed up for a puppy course in october. Thank you Bestcoast for this lovely dog!

//Fam Bergkvist

Here comes greetings from a wonderful Alice that is growing fast🥰😅. 

Today she got her 12-weeks vaccination including rabies and her own little passport! Last weekend we got on a primiere tour with our sailboat Greta, and we went to "Stora Dyrön". It went fantastic! We are so happy for the most wonderful dog that we ever could dreamed of❤️🐶❤️. 

//Agneta, Anders, Nils, Elsa, Carl och Alice

Our little prince is now 4 months old! We are so happy that we got him into our family! Everything is going well, a lot of job but it brings us very much joy as well! We have started in a course for dogs and we all think it is so fun! And Morris is super good at it!

//Paula & familj

Hi there! 

We just wanted to send a greeting to you guys and say that we are doing well and that Dagny is going with us to the mountains on Sunday 🤩. It is going to be so much fun, and she will love it! She loves snow, therefore she has her own "snow board" with a blanket in, so that she does not freeze. 

She now sleeps on a skin rug with a pillow, beacuse she loves to put her head on something when she sleeps! Our little "tokstolla🥰😅.

Wish you a nice day!

Lots of hugs!

Hi Yvonne, here comes a first week update from us & Rufus!
He’s been warming up and he’s perfectly cozy and playful! He loves going out to sniff and explore the neighborhood and he loves to play inside too! He’s been such a fantastic addition to our family! ❤️


Hi Yvonne!
Good continuation, hope you doing well.
What a treat we have received 🐶 everything is going great❣️we are so happy that we have Olle in our family.

//Fam Lönnström

Hi Yvonne!

Here comes a greeting from Nelly born 1/7 2021 who loves her toys and being in the snow. A real gem who is easy to learn, obedient and social. She is the world's most beautiful dog❤️

It is also wonderful that our daughter can stand her, despite her allergy. We were a little worried about it, but it has gone very well 👍

So grateful and happy that she was allowed to come to us!!

Greetings from the Strand family in Enhörna